Request a quote on any Shape, Size, Quality of diamond from us before you purchase your diamond. What you should know about Diamond.

Shopping for diamonds could be challenging, confusing quality reports, Diamond vary one from the other in terms of cut, symmetry, Polish , Color and Clarity. to put it simply try to acquire the diamond that has either Ideal, Excellent or Very Good Cut, Polish and Symmetry. Try to get the diamonds that does not reveal the flaws to the naked eyes especially on large diamonds- Side diamonds should be better than I1 Clarity to say the least-

The Clarity factors in diamonds are 1 being the best

1)Flawless 20 Internally Flawless3)VVS1 4) VVS2 5) VS1 6) VS2 7)SI1 8) SI2 9) SI30 10) I1 11)I2

1 -D | 2- E | 3- F | 4- G | 5- H| 6- I | 7-J | 8-K | 9-L | 10-M| 11-N 12)I3

Color grading

  1. D being the Whitest      2) E-F Very White can only be distinguish in lab under special light by comparison between D-E-F

3) G-H Fine White, minor lightest yellow tint not easily distinguishable.     4)-I- Whitish with slight Yellowish tint 

5)- J-K yellowish tint growing with in the diamond        6)-L-M-N being the darker yellowish

General Information and suggestion about Clarity grading in the diamond

Clarity – in a diamond means how much inclusion a diamond is possessing.

 SI1 Clarity should be eye clean and should be the minimum requirement of Clarity- If you want to spend less for the diamond due to price consideration , we would suggest not to go for natural diamond with obvious blemishes seen through naked eyes ( Without Microscope of 10 Power) . In that event we recommend the Lab-Grown diamonds as the alternative as they represent all properties of natural diamonds including the hardness ( the most desired property of diamond -being very hard- it is not susceptible to scratch, breakage while maintaining its luster, refraction and reflection displaying maximum brilliance, scintillation as well as heat resistant characteristic which is important in the event of repair of the article or during the manufacturing process, it will remain as strongly heat resistant as the diamond ( Caution a very strong direct torch for a longer period can cause the damage of the diamond permanently) unlike other gems that can loose color or break during repair , setting or torch fire during repair. The Lab-Grown diamond presents the same characteristic, refractive Index, hence will display incredible value in terms of appearance and durability during the lifetime while it cost significantly less than natural diamond of the same quality.

We strongly suggest not buy Diamond simulants of any kind, coated or not coated.  

Price variation of Diamond of the same weight, Color and Clarity is primarily due to proportion of the diamond, if the diamond’s Cut, Symmetry, Polish  is maintained close to the  Ideal cut, which provides maximum brilliance (Angles, depth, width are based on refractive index of the diamond,) will be higher priced as opposed to a diamond that is significantly deviated  from the ideal cut. The more the degree of deviation the lesser it will be valued at.  More deviation could inhibit the sparkle and brilliance and fire in a diamond.

More inclusion in a diamond looking from the top will also reduce the desirability of that diamond in spite of same clarity rating of two diamonds- one can be more sparkling than the other. Cloudy and milky inclusions at certain location in a diamond can be seen through 58 facets and will appear to be magnified and could cause the diamond to appear less sparkling , hence lower in demand.

We take all these as well as other factors such as percentage of the depth ratio to the Table of the diamond ( The top flat surface) in to consideration when we shot the diamond for you- 

We will advise you of all factors in a diamond so you can make better choice based on your expectation and desire.

We will reach out to the diamond cutting factories world wide as well as major exporters and find the best solution in getting your diamond at the fantastically lowest price.

We want you to be rest assured that we will work for you in your purchase for a small fee added to the price which will be the best deal anyone can get and you will also get great designing price.